How to be Successful in Math Class

What your fellow students wish they had told themselves on the first day of class to help be successful:

(unedited in random order)

It is more than ok to ask questions. Starting out is rough.

Use the teacher for any questions that you might have.

Make sure you send the kids out of town, don't try to move to another house until the end of the quarter and make sure, if you do move, that the internet will be up and running. 4 days with out the internet on an internet based cousre is very difficult.

Log onto the class everyday!

dont procastinate on the online homework becasue it stacks up

Do your very best to stay current with the calendar. They Summer quarter goes very fast.

Don't get behind. Don't be afraid to go to the math lab and ask questions.

Do homework everyday.

Start as soon as you can and just keep on top of it. However, if you are doing quite a bit in one sitting, get up and walk away allowing yourself a break.

Be prepared for lots of homework.

I would tell myself not to procrastinate so much.

Do ALL of the homework on time!

Create a planner and schedule homework time for each day and stick to the schedule!

I would make sure to allow myself enough time for class. the shortened class due to summer requires a decent amount of time from you

don't wait to do your homework do each day the day it was assigned!

Do the daily work according to the schedule!!

Just do all the homework...and keep working on it until you get a perfect score...then the tests are much less stressful...;)

Make sure to do homework everyday to stay on track

don't start summer qtr 3 days late

Start on time. Could of been prepared at start of first day of school.

Be ready...never dreamed I would spend so much time on math. OUCH!!! But it paid off.

To do all the hw

That you take that extra little time to study for this course even when it gets harder

Do not doubt your ability to solve these problems.

Just do what you are already doing. Do your homework & be prepared.


Run :-D - Remember your steps and always do your GCF. Always do your homework.

Not to rush on working the problems. Double check for mistakes

Do your best. you will only get out of the class what you put into it.

What do I do in all situations? What are the rules?

To use the math tutor through angel it helps alot and you will never get a wrong answer. MAKE TIME

Try to come more to class than the online class. That's more for people or are sick or can't make it.

Always do your homework. Utilize the math lab.

Do my homework

Ask more questions

To practice distributing

Sutdy for the tests!

I would tell myself to study more prior a test.

I would set a certain time each day to do the homework and be prepared for quizzes. It's very important to attend daily because you can get behind very quickly!

Come to class everyday, daily quizes count!

Do homework more regularly early on - set aside enough time to complete all of it.

Work hard, always do my homework, get more sleep.

Make sure you do all the assignments because your test scores will show the results. Don't be affraid to ask if you have a question

I would review & Practice EVERYDAY so the material sticks!

go to the math lab, and talk to your teacher.Attend all possible classes & don't be afraid to ask questions! :-D

Spend more time on your homework. If you struggle spend even more spend more time with math!

Never miss a day of class, and write down everything Mr. Wallace does. Its probly important!!

ask for help! come to class

To get myself a tutor.

Do your hoemwork daily, in the math lab, so help is a question away!

Always do your homework!!

Complete your homewokr. Review class if you need any clarification.

To believe in myself have a more positive attitude. To believe I can do math rather than being afraid to be defeated by it. Attitude is everything. Mr. Wallace was right and is amazing.

Make sure to complete the homework.

not give up always try your hardest. Don't let yourself down when you failed a test.

Stay focused on your goals

Have a very determine goal with this teacher - an scream louder

Make sure your MPC 090 skills are strong! *I may retake 90, just to help me connect and understand

To sleep more.

Studied Module D more & Maybe used SI for that module

retake all of my TEST even though I passed them!

take better notes. Ask more questions make sure I knew 100% before leaving class each day

Study more the previous night and do all the homework problems on the page, not just the assigned.

Sleap more! and don't retake any of the tests

Complete all homework & study harder!!!

Do your homework & Review Tests

don't get behind, stay on top of lectures

Try not to miss any classes because it is harder when you are trying to catch up.

Be more motivated. No procrasination and more studying.

I would Tell my self not to plan a wedding and try to go to school / fouces on school more and study!

To relax and not feel defeated if you don't understand the concepts. Use the resources available

Come on time :-D

Do not take Math & Accounting the same semester. Utilize the SI tutor and the online tutor BBCC offers. The online tutors helped SO much any time of day... or night :-D

It's going to take a lot of work and expect to spend alot of time on the homework.

Always complete your homework and try and start the exam review as soon as it is available.

Do your homework!!

Show up.

Don't procrastinate! Begin studying from Day 1!!

1. Do the homework! It will help you learn and is an easy way to get 100% for the assignment section of your grade. 2. Use the recorded lectures to your advantage.

Do your homework and all of it, it helps your test scores out, plus gives you practice.

Do Homework utilize math lab, videos, & teacher if you don't understand. Take test again if needed 1 week after

If you have a problem, just ask the teacher, It's what he's here for!

Just come to class everyday & be prepared. Use the help they give you so you can understand more of the math as teh quarter goes on. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs it.

Do the homework!

I would tell them to make sure they are doing homework assignments and go to the math lab if you can't find help another way. The class iseasy as long as you stay up on your work.

Be on time. Have everything you need for class. Ask questions.

Stay organized.

Binders w/ separate places for Homework and Notes. Hoemwork as soon after class as possible. Review notes and homework before the test along w/ test review.

1. Go to class. 2. Do the homework. 3. Get help when you're stuck. Simple

To pay attention and take notes. Use the study guide before every test. Ask questions.

Make sure you turn in all of your homework. Try not to fall behind! Take advantage of all resources available to you!

Do your homework early! :-D That way, if you have questions, you can ask the math tutors, the instructor, or

Always do the homework and ask questions.

to do all the homework!! and if they don't understand go to the math lab :-D

If you pay attention in class and do the homework you should not have a problem.

Use all the resources you have available, study and go to class. The tools are all given to you & with the initiative anybody can pass this class.